Why Most People Give Up On Their Goals

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Did you know that the most popular New Year’s resolutions people make are losing weight and exercising? Year after year. Isn’t that weird? I mean, considering that these two goals keep topping the charts every year, you would think that we’d eventually get a handle on things? Why is it so hard to do what we know is good for us?


After the gorging stretch of Christmas dinners and family get-togethers leading up to New Years, it isn’t surprising that people want to get in shape again. Gym membership sales skyrocket and it’s hard to get a parking spot near the facility….until a few weeks into the year, that is … which is about now.

Then things change, we get distracted, loose motivation and the resolutions…resolve.

We give up because we don’t see the results fast enough, and hence get overwhelmed with the task or goal in front of us.

It probably took 10 or more years to slowly gain that extra 15 pounds we are lugging around, but for some reason we have this notion that we can get rid of it in 10 days.

This same equation can be applied to any habit you are trying to correct or goal you are trying to achieve.

You see, we want ALL or nothing and we want it NOW or never. And frankly we want things the easy way. Who likes discomfort, sweat and sore muscles?

There is no easy road to success. There is no magic pill for breakthrough. There is no 3 step formula to learn the discipline to do the thing you know you need to be doing.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many diet books on the market? People rather cling to the hope of finding something that might work rather than actually doing the work. Problem is, there are no rewards without paying the price.

There is no such a thing as something for nothing. Real success is never a moment in time; it is always a day to day process.

After all, the secret to your success lies in your daily agenda. ~John Maxwell

When you break down a goal in small, doable chunks, you free yourself to progress. When you break life down to a day by day of real intentionality, you set yourself up for lasting success.

So here is my new resolution:

I will live today as if it was the last day of my life, and make it my absolute master piece. This perspective completely changes the way I treat others, including my ‘enemies’, the way I treat myself, the way I do my work, and the way I evaluate the things that matter most. Since I already know what I need and want to do, I will stop procrastinating and become a person of action.

How about you?

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