How To Stay Young

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I am in Orlando, Florida – at the John Maxwell Team conference – soaking up every bit of wisdom from my mentor John Maxwell. During his lesson on culture yesterday,  John took a small detour that ended up in about a 30 minute rant on a segment in society that he – although in his late 60ies – doesn’t consider himself a part of. Rightfully so! I thought I would simply reverse his absolutely hilarious points, which pretty much turns this list around to being the best-kept secrets on how to stay young! Here goes…

1. Young people are inquisitive. They are curious, ask questions and love learning new things. Life is exciting and new opportunities are just around the corner!

2. Young people keep their standards high. They never fall into “survival mode”, but are intentional about their everyday living.

3. Young people are focused on others instead of being self-absorbed.

4. Young people have a high level of energy, stamina and … a great posture.

5. Young people talk about tomorrow instead of being stuck in yesterday.

6. Young people are interesting and exciting to be around.

7. Young people are not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone and grow.

8. Young people have a positive attitude.

9. Young people don’t have clutter.

10. Young people believe that this generation is the most innovative, intelligent and creative that has ever existed.

Age is not determined by years but by quality of life.

Make everyday count! Never stop living! I believe you can!

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