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5 Killers of Team Culture and How To Reverse Them Effectively

Team Culture is the buzzword. To align any organization’s best resource = People towards a greater, commonly shared goal, with each team member empowered to serve with their best skills put forward, encouraged to take ownership with laser-focused intensity and driven by unstoppable momentum –  is the dream of every leader. More often than not however, do…

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The Secret To Developing People

Every single day we influence people, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. Moms and Dads influence their kids. Employers influence their employees. Leaders influence their followers. Pastors influence their congregation. Teachers influence their students. And vice versa. John Maxwell once said that leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less. That means that every…

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Are you a Leader? Here’s the Leadership Test.

Are you a Leader? Do you see yourself as a leader? “Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.” John Maxwell Truly everything does. Everything from our personal world, our business world, our government and educational world and even the religious world. Everything rises and falls on leadership. And sadly sometimes, too many of those things seem…

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