A Matter Of Perspective

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The world is filled with people, who rather than counting their blessings, every day, gripe about the things they don’t have. They honestly believe that if they could only have this or that they would be fulfilled and happy. Remember the days of “If only I could have that Lego set, Polly Pocket doll or ‘insert blank’, I will never ever ask for anything else again. Ever.” But what about now?

If only I had MORE OPPORTUNITY … I would prepare. I would save and invest. I would buy or sell. I would move. I would give it another shot. I would be successful. I would have more friends. I would learn more. I would grow more. I would make better choices. I would help others without expecting anything in return.

If only I had a BETTER JOB … I would get up earlier and be there on time. I would work harder and faster. I would respect my boss. I would do my best. I would continue improving my skills. I would sell more. I would be more fulfilled. I would be thankful.

If only I had MORE TIME … I would write a book. I would volunteer. I would drive slower. I would exercise more. I would finish my degree. I would have company over more often. I would play with my kids. I would read more. I would visit the Taj Mahal. I would finish what I started.

If only I had MORE MONEY … I would pay off my debt. I would give to the poor. I would play more golf. I would take my kids to Disney World. I would eat healthier. I wouldn’t have to worry anymore. I would retire and start doing what I love.

The list can go on pretty much indefinitely.

But as long as we blame exterior circumstances and conditions for our current situation – our upbringing, our education, our circle of friends, our spouse, our workplace etc – we will continue in the victim mentality. The answer is not out there. The answer lies within us.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t; you’re probably right. ~ Henry Ford

Then there are people, who blossom, flourish, prosper, grow, and make a difference. The Helen Kellers, Steve Jobs and Mother Teresas. They aren’t concerned about having more money, more time, more opportunities, a better job or whatever else might be on that list. No.

They are also not concerned with what the world holds for them and what is out there or in it for them. To them it’s about what they bring to the world and how they can make a difference.

Abundance flows out of that. It finds its way and is attracted to the generous mind that welcomes opportunity in every difficulty, rather than being numbed by the difficulty in every opportunity.

It is, after all, a matter of perspective.

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