The Power of One Decision

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I recently watched the documentary “Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes in 30 days”. To say that I was inspired would be an understatement. Regardless of the title, it’s well worth watching, and I have included a link to the full movie below!
The cast basically includes 6 Americans from across the USA who have never experimented with raw foods before. All of them have either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, and agree to the challenge of spending 30 days at a retreat, eating nothing but raw, organic, vegan meals that have not been heated above 118 degrees F. Since we are told that Diabetes is incurable, it’s pretty incredible to watch these people come off all their medication and insulin within a couple of weeks. Beyond incredible actually. Type 1 Diabetes reversed in a month?

It was inspiring to watch these 6 people’s daily battles, successes, failures, and final victory over those 30 days, with the exception of one person, that unfortunately gave up. Not only did they come off their insulin and medication, but the change in their perspective, attitude, energy and even the glow of their skin simply blew me away. It makes sense. To watch the entire movie click here.

I have always been intrigued by the fact that God originally designed man to eat raw foods….assuming that is what was growing on the trees in the Garden of Eden. Meat was only introduced after the Flood, and interestingly people afterwards didn’t live as long as Methuselah anymore. No terribly deep research here, just an observation.

OK, so why am I writing about this?

Other than to inspire you to possibly rethink your opinion on the direct connection between food and your wellbeing … I had a profoundly simple, yet simply profound experience during dinner today.
To set the stage, 5 days ago I started my own raw food experiment. I don’t have diabetes, but to quote Hippocrates: “Let Food be Thy Medicine”, I figured a system reboot might not be a bad idea.
I’ve been really enjoying it, although I must say, it’s been very tempting to watch my family eat fried chicken with potatoes and dumplings … that I prepared … not to mention the dessert.

I did quite well though and remained strong until dinner this evening.

We went to our favourite local restaurant and … let’s face it, there ain’t much choice for raw-foodists on a typical menu except for … well, salad, which of course I chose. But then, they brought…freshly baked, warm, and sumptuously smelling bread with garlic butter. I don’t know about you, but I was seriously tempted. I love freshly baked bread. I could live on bread all day.  I figured one piece of this goodness wouldn’t hurt. I could start again tomorrow. I took a piece and smelled it…

And then it hit me.

This was not about a 30 day, 14 day or 5 day raw food experiment. This was about a whole lot more. Here I was enjoying the first results of this different way of eating, I felt great with amazing energy and clarity of mind, yet I was willing to give in for a piece of bread? Not a big deal perhaps, unless you recognize a behaviour pattern.
How many times do we allow the small things in life to steal our JOY, our big dreams or even life goals? It’s the small words that can build or cave in big walls. Small acts that open big doors. Small individual steps that allow us to eventually cross the finish line.

For me it wasn’t about the big goal this evening. It was about the one right decision that I had to make right there. A decision that would lead me to the next one, which in turn will lead to the one after that. If I can manage that one decision in front of me, I will succeed.

I don’t need the strength that will carry me for the rest of my life right now. All I need is enough strength that will help me make that next right decision.

Did I eat it?

No. I put it back. I did make the right decision. The one decision that was right in front of me, and the one that impacted my next one. On the grand scheme of things it might not have been a big deal, but it sure would have gotten easier to use that same excuse again next time.

Once you’ve got your vision and your goals staked out, don’t let the grandeur of it intimidate you. It’s the next step that counts. The next word. The next act or gesture. The next workout or meal. The next phone call. The next mouse click. The next right decision. Just that one decision. Powerful. Choose wisely.

I believe you can!

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