Does What I Do Actually Matter?

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Do you really matter? Does what you say have any significance? Do people even care about your opinion, experiences, and your story? Does what you do really have an impact on the people around you? Does your life inspire others to reach higher, stretch farther and grow deeper?

You know, I have been asking myself these questions lately. And with questions often come doubts. And when doubt settles in, momentum somehow tends to disappears, isn’t that right?
I love writing down my thoughts. It’s not always easy to express them, as English is my 4th language, but it helps me to clarify what I am currently learning.

But does it really matter? Does what I say, have any significance? Does anyone even connect with my story or journey and potentially even benefit from reading what I write? DOES anyone actually read it? Does anyone care? There are millions of blogs on all kinds of topics, so does one more voice in the big crowd really matter?
Have you ever wondered that? Have you ever questioned whether what you currently do has any impact at all? Have you ever been tempted to just give up?

Why do I care, whether or not my blog gets read, shared or commented on? Why do you do what you do? It’s simple. You and I both want to make a difference – the non-cliche kind of difference – and we genuinely care about the people around us. We want to add value to people. Sometimes walking along with someone for a mile or two on this journey of life can make all the difference in the world of that one single person.

After all, it’s individuals who end up changing the world, not big crowds. So let’s keep our eyes on the goal and let’s keep moving forward. One step at a time. Or for me….one blog post at a time.

I encourage you to never ever give up, no matter what it is you are working on – just keep doing your very best!

I believe you can!

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