Do You Have a Dream?

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When was the last time you were kept awake all night by a grand dream, a new idea or an exciting event that you simply couldn’t stop thinking about it? You know, the kind of dream where just for a split second you are able to live in the future of what could be?

Do You Have a Dream?

Captivating. Powerful. Uplifting. You are consumed by the idea of how grand it will be and your energy levels are soaring when in fact, you should really be sleeping.

It’s Your Dream.

Your desire. It is knocking on the door of your mind and tells you that anything is possible! And it typically starts with a stirring discontent with your current situation – not ungratefulness – but discontent, because you were indeed designed by the Creator to grow and keep growing, and reach your potential for the benefit of others. That is how He wired you; with a dream that is not only for you; a dream for the benefit of others. But be careful. To dream means to be willing to change.

And when change knocks on your door, you only have two options: You either step forward into growth and embrace your calling, or you step back into safety and regret. If you play the card of self-pity and limiting beliefs rooted in false humility, your dream will be given to another and dissatisfaction will be yours to manage for years to come.

So, The Choice is Ours.

Our limiting beliefs, which the enemy will use to keep us away from our destiny, will tell us that we haven’t got what it takes, that we don’t have the time nor the money, that we aren’t good enough or aren’t worthy. However, the more we focus, think about and contemplate those limitations, the farther the goal and the possibility of reaching it.

Isn’t it interesting how we are so open-minded to believe in the dreams of others? We can cheer them on to reach their potential and encourage them through failures, spurring them on to keep going? And yet, we think so small of ourselves and doubt our abilities. I am not talking pride issues vs humility here. I am talking about our failure to recognize the true Source of our dreams. Why are we asking whether we are worthy of the goal when we should be asking whether the goal is worthy of us?

“Where your focus goes, energy flows.” ~Anthony Robbins

Inventory of Your Present Conditions

So look at the circle of truth you are currently standing on and think about the lifestyle you have created for yourself. The job, the family, the home…There was a time in your life where all that was just an idea…a dream! Too often we end up blaming everyone else for the fact that we are not living our dream, or we blame our present conditions and our lack of resources. But it starts with you.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny

Shift your focus from impossibility to possibility. Start with awareness. Begin to argue for possibility and stop defending your inability. Break the cycle of the conditions that hold you back, and begin seeing the power that lies in tearing down the strongholds of false humility and limiting beliefs. You were created for greatness. Go, claim your destiny. No one else can do it for you. Today is the first day to the rest of your life.

I believe you can!

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