#1 Personal Development Inhibitor

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Until just a few short years ago, I had no idea that anyone could actually have an intentional plan for growth or personal development. I certainly read a lot of self-help books, worked hard on my business, and admired successful people – always looking to learn from them – but for some reason I didn’t realize that I could and should be intentional about my personal growth. Then, one morning I received an email from my favourite comedian ever – Ken Davis.

Ken sent a quick invitation to check out his friend, Michael Hyatt‘s new book “Platform”. That one mouse click changed my life. I discovered the world of many kindred-spirits, who were committed to excellence and never grew tired of learning, stretching and improving, and I was finally able to put a name to it. I have since attended many leadership and personal development conferences and have had the privilege to learn from the most incredible thought leaders of our time.

Here’s the thing:

We are either progressing or regressing. We are either pushing uphill or sliding back downhill. We are either growing or declining. There is no neutral. No standing still.

When you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will take over.

So the question I had in my mind was: How do I measure my growth?

The answer to that question is the very thing that silently inhibits most people’s growth. It’s called self-evaluation.

When you stop self-evaluating, you stop growing because you become complacent. So then the next question is: How do you self-evaluate? The most effective, most transformational way? You need a coach. Someone who knows how to ask good questions and forces you to think on a different level. A good coach never imparts wisdom or gives advice. A good coach guides you to find those answers by asking you the right questions. To watch an individual break through a blockage, that has held them back for many years, and experience them rising to the next level of awareness and clarity is one of the most powerful things I have experienced.

But is self-evaluation possible without a coach? Certainly. It’s just that we humans tend to be so good at coming up with excuses and explanations, that often, instead of dealing with what’s holding us back, we justify it in light of our past or our circumstances. Some call it BS. Belief system.

To move ahead, you’ve good to break through.

I believe you can!

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